Easy Florence in your hands Tour

Duration: 3 hours

If you have time for only one tour, this is the one that is right for you , which will allow you to visit the most famous sites of ancient Florence on 3 hours. This tour has been studied in all its parts to allow travelers to experience the Roman and medieval Florence, learn about the customs and traditions along the ancient streets of the city and 2000 years of impetuous history.

The Florence guided tour begins birthplace of Florence, Piazza della Repubblica, here we will try to reconstruct an image of the Roman Florentia 59 BC, replacing the Hard Rock with the ancient temple of the gods and touching hands with the precise heart of the city.
Walking along the ancient Roman road that traces the north-south dividing the city in two, we arrive in the religious center of Florence to admire the buildings of the Romanesque Baptistery and the Renaissance Gates of Paradise, must for those who wanted to go to the house of God, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore where the architect Filippo Brunelleschi designed the most famous Dome of the world in 1436, still a mystery engineering, well 116 m high, together we will discover the secrets that have kept up to date.
Last work, but not least the Gothic campanile of Giotto with its colored marbles and the details of the decorations that remind us of a distant 1333.

Leaving behind the religious center and its valuable buildings we head towards the political center of the city, giving us a visit to the ancient church of Orsanmichele, an old barn , and the Church par excellence of the ancient guilds of medieval Florentine business, which competed here in commission to good artists of the time the most beautiful statue. We'll get to Piazza della Signoria, the political center of the city, theater festivals, civic celebrations , sentenced to death and much more.
Today the theater of wonders, as it is a veritable open-air museum of ancient statues, lodges and palaces.
Here we will see the Loggia della Signoria and its statues and even the famous Uffizi Gallery, built by Vasari in 1560 to house the offices of the town of Florence, in fact, the square is home to the 1300 until today, the Palazzo del Comune, better known as Palazzo Vecchio who welcomed the famous statue of David by Michelangelo at its main entrance, still in its place, to symbolize the freedom of the Florentine republic and the Florentine Renaissance.

The Florence guided tour continues to the Loggia del Mercato Nuovo, also called Mercato del Porcellino, built in 1500 for the shoals of fabrics and precious objects, today the stalls offer leather, clothes and souveniers. But his appointment comes from the friendly fountain of pig, very dear to the Florentines.
If you come to Florence you can not miss petting the nose of the animal that is said to bring good luck.

The Florence guided tour continues to the River Arno and Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence which dates back to 1345 and which houses the antique shops of gold, diamonds and precious jewels that still retain their medieval appearance originate. From here follow the path of the ancient Vasari Corridor, which will walk beside him, finding his way to the end, in the Pitti Palace, the last residence of the Medici family, where their dynasty ended in the magnificence and luxury of this wonderful palace.


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